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M&J Drilling Services Ltd: Unabridged Company Profile

M&J Drilling Services Ltd: Unabridged Company Profile

The company was founded in 1982 to offer specialist contracting services in the investigation and stabilisation of mine workings and mineshafts, concentrating its activities in the South Staffordshire Coalfield.  It has grown steadily, investing heavily to provide state-of-the-art drilling rigs and associated equipment, and now operates nationally from its base in the West Midlands.

The management team is supported by a team of engineers, geologists and surveyors, and have the benefit of a highly experienced, stable workforce.

The company has always invested time and money in the training and development of the work force, ensuring that employees are able to work safely and efficiently so that they can help the business to grow. This ongoing effort was recognised in August 2002 when M&J achieved the Investors in People award, which was re-accredited in August 2005 and again in August 2008.

The company is a specialist contractor involved in the development and delivery of geotechnical solutions to various ground problems. The main activities of the company are drilling (rotary and rotary percussive) and grouting, and the list that follows gives details of the applications:

1)      Rotary investigation (open hole drilling, coring and installation of standpipes)

2)      Sonic Rotary Core Drilling

3)      Stabilisation of shallow mineworkings (drilling and grouting)

4)      Mineshaft (location and treatment)

5)      Void infilling (large mine workings)

6)      Soil nails and ground anchors – to improve slope or embankment stability

7)      Sewer and tunnel grouting

8)      Other underground stabilisation work (e.g. cellars and gas tanks)

9)      Installation of geothermal heating loops


Major items of plant:

The company owns almost all of the plant and equipment that is used on a day to day basis, including all of the drilling rigs. Plant and vehicles are maintained by our own team of well experienced and qualified plant fitters.

13 No. Klemm 802 Drilling Rigs

1 No. Klemm 701 Drilling Rig

1 No. Klemm 806 Drilling Rig

1 No. Casagrande C6 Drilling Rig

1 No. Puntel MX 600 Drilling Rig

2 No. Marini Air/Hydraulic Drill Masts – Boom Mount

1 No. Klemm 140 / KD204 Drilling Mast

1 No. Klemm Mini Rig

1 No. Ingersol Mini Air Drifter Rig

1 No. Sonic SDC550 Drilling Rig

1 No. Belmix C40 Continuous Mixing Plant

1 No. Belmix C20 Continuous Mixing Plant

3 No. Sami 40 tonne capacity Horizontal Silo

1 No. Sediment Separation “Shaker”

1 No. Geo-Loop 50-500 Portable Grout Mixer

Ancillary plant includes a wide range of grouting equipment, compressors, rough terrain forklifts, tractor loading shovels, bowsers etc.  The plant resources enable the company to meet the high standards of current specifications within tight time scales, which are invariably required in the Construction Industry.

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